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Get summer-ready skin and hair with marine collagen

by Natasha Whiting

Skin and hair can take a battering in the winter months due to central heating, lack of sunshine and our amazing ability to hide any problems under jumpers, coats and hats. When spring arrives and we begin to peel the layers of clothing off, we often see neglected skin and hair. Starting a 4-6 week programme with marine collagen is a quick-fire way to help get skin and hair back in shape in time for the start of summer.

How can liquid marine collagen help?

When we're young we have copious amounts of collagen in our bodies but from our mid-twenties onwards, the amount starts to deplete rapidly. An easy way for your body to absorb more collagen is by consuming it in liquid form. Kollo marine collagen could help hydrate the skin and give it a smoother appearance whilst also helping to stimulate hair and nail growth. Marine collagen also encourages improved dermal density which supports tighter skin and could help reduce the wavy appearance of cellulite.

Marine collagen for summer-ready skin

Kollo Health is the best collagen supplement and our sachets are each supercharged with a highly concentrated 10g of marine collagen. This is the largest dose you’ll find on the market today. What does this mean for skin? Our collagen supplements offer an effective daily wellness routine helping to strengthen and hydrate the skin so it looks firmer, smoother and bikini ready. Marine collagen also supports skin cell renewal and repair, which could lead to better skin elasticity and plumpness.

Marine collagen for healthier, stronger hair

Looking for salon swishy locks this summer? Consuming marine collagen is a great way to encourage healthy hair. Our liquid shots contain a high dose of proline, an essential amino acid that builds keratin. Kollo collagen supplements provide hair with vital antioxidants that fight cell damage and promote hair growth. Rich in minerals including selenium, iron and potassium, marine collagen encourages thicker, stronger locks that are less likely to suffer further damage or breakage.

A 4-6 week programme of Kollo marine liquid collagen could effortlessly help revitalise your skin and hair in time for the glorious months of sunshine ahead.

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