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Got painful joints? Take Kollo

by Natasha Whiting

Got painful joints? Take Kollo

Collagen is one of the most plentiful proteins in our bodies, forming the bulk of our connective tissues – it also takes the form of a special supplement that can combat the body’s gradual loss of protein. If you've got painful joints, collagen supplements such as Kollo can help us in several key ways, chief among them their ability to soothe joint pain.

How collagen helps us

Natural collagen in the human body keeps our skin looking healthy, and us losing it over time is a core part of why our skin starts to sag. It is also a main component of the cartilage in our joints, letting our bones flexibly glide together. Generally speaking, it also promotes strong muscles, bones, and teeth – so losing out on collagen over the years can be quite damaging.

Collagen supplements

These supplements are available in multiple different forms, including pills, powders, and liquids, and intend to replenish or otherwise boost our stores of collagen. Different types come from different sources, with marine collagen derived from the skin and scales of fish. This form has added potency, as the small molecules let our body better absorb the collagen.

How they help joint pain

People with arthritis and similar conditions report less pain after taking collagen supplements, with some trials indicating that the cartilage is rebuilt to a degree. Arthritis affects over 300 million people on the planet, making it a serious issue that gets worse with a reduced supply of collagen. By rebuilding the joints and reducing the pain with collagen, the symptoms can become much more manageable.

Kollo is a cut above other collagen supplements on the market, enhancing the traditional formula with plenty of B Vitamins and other tried-and-tested additions. For more information on Kollo and its many benefits, read our story today.