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How a collagen supplement like Kollo can help us stay young 

by Andrew Harkness |

Not everyone is into health and beauty but do you know many people who wouldn’t want to age slow and steadily? Taking a supplement like Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen can help keep ageing at bay for as long as possible. The great thing about Kollo being a collagen supplement is that it works on the early signs of ageing as well as promotes beauty and health. As a result of this, it means you can get the vitamins you need as efficiently as you can with very little fuss!

But what is Collagen?
Besides water and fat, our bodies are almost entirely made up of protein and collagen is a protein too. Muscles, bones, organs, skin and nails have protein as their main component, with muscles being formed of about 80% protein!

Protein to our bodies is so essential to us, it’s the way our bodies heal and repair its connective tissues including hair and nails. For a collagen supplement to work effectively, it firstly needs to be hydrolysed - this means broken down into smaller particles by water. With this being broken down in easy-to-process particles, it allows for the collagen to be more palatable and helps it do its ‘work’ more efficiently than if it was non-hydrolysed. Kollo liquid marine collagen is hydrolysed, it passes through your digestive system and sends its protein to wherever the body needs it most. It is made for easy consumption being a liquid and it tastes delicious!

Collagen and Skin
The place where we really see results though, is in our skin. Our skin is loosely made up of three layers and is kept firm and plump through a layer of subcutaneous fat, and by each cell remaining elastic and well-hydrated. When the fearful signs of ageing starts to show in our skin, it tends to be due to the underlying layer of fat thinning and the moisture levels of the cells having dropped; therefore we start to lose that precious elasticity which helps keep our skin firm. The way in which we would see these effects are in the forms of lines, wrinkles and skin sagging. We produce collagen naturally throughout our body, peaking in our twenties but this starts to decrease throughout our 30s, 40s and 50’s. Once you reach your 60s, your production of collagen will sharply decline if the body has not had the consumption of a collagen supplement and as a result the ageing on our skin will be clearly visible.  

By taking a collagen supplement like Kollo from your twenties, it will help to fend off the early signs of ageing and ensure your natural levels of collagen are constantly augmented. By doing this you can delay the process of your skin and body ageing, allowing for you to have an active life, and be strong and supple. Though this doesn’t mean to say that the older you get, the less you require a collagen supplement; this can still do so much for your body’s health with things such as your gut health, joints and bones and even your mental wellbeing. This will be one of the best decisions you could make for your body inside and out and trust us, you’ll be thankful in years to come.