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How collagen can help you reach your fitness goals

by Andrew Harkness

How collagen can help you reach your fitness goals

Protein is a major component when it comes to muscle growth and energy levels in physical performance. 20% of our body’s protein is made from collagen and this significant amount of the protein is used as a binding material that keeps our internal organs and tissue together, making it extremely important for our body’s functioning.

Depleted collagen levels can have major consequences on your body, which is why if you are pushing yourself through physical activity regularly, it is very important to have enough of this protein in your system.

Marine collagen and bone strength

Strong bones are beneficial for physical performance, and healthy bones play a major part in reducing the risk of injury. Collagen is the primary component of the living section in the bone matrix, making it accountable for the bones’ flexibility and strength. Low collagen levels make fractures and osteoporosis more likely. Luckily, marine collagen has been noted to increase the production of the bone-building osteoblast cells and reduce the activity of the bone-breaking cells, osteoclasts. This means that bones become stronger and more resistant to injury.

Marine collagen and muscle growth

Muscle growth and repair is also key for good health and fitness. Collagen plays an important part in providing elasticity to the muscles and can even boost muscle growth when supplemented properly. If you are training to build muscle and haven’t been seeing any results, it may be due to depleted protein levels, and collagen supplementation may be the answer. High-quality collagen can trigger the body to produce more of its own collagen, and as a result of that, can decrease the impacts that low collagen levels produce.

Marine collagen and muscle or joint soreness

Additionally, muscle and joint soreness can be a major drawback when it comes to sticking with training plans. Low levels of collagen increase this soreness due to the lack of elasticity in the tissue surrounding the muscles and joints. Sufficient collagen levels can reduce the pain and lessen the setback to your training, making it easier for you to get back out there and smash those goals!

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