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Skin Hydration

by Natasha Whiting

Skin Hydration

Keeping your skin hydrated, especially in the warm, summer months, is the key to smooth and soft skin that looks and feels good. A hydrated complexion will leave you looking healthier and more youthful and whilst the skin naturally produces substances that help to keep your face hydrated, these processes begin to slow as you age. So what's the best way to help with skin hydration?

The perfect solution to this is taking liquid collagen supplements that provide essential amino acids to leave your skin feeling hydrated and resilient. Here are some ways that collagen can help to keep your skin feeling healthy and fresh, no matter what age you are...

How collagen improves skin hydration:

Skin elasticity

As collagen decreases so does the elasticity of your skin. Skin elasticity is what gives your face a plump, healthy-looking appearance and without it, it can then cause the skin to thin and result in sagging and wrinkles. By increasing collagen intake, it can provide the essential amino acids needed to maintain skin hydration and reduce skin roughness. This can help to reverse signs of skin aging by boosting skin elasticity and re-establishing a youthful, smooth finish.

Skin dryness 

You may have noticed as you get older, your skin doesn’t seem to have the same youthful glow that it once did. This is because collagen levels in your body are continually dropping and taking with it the bright, radiant skin you had in your youth. The appearance of dull skin is often caused by dryness, due to a lack of moisture, which can cause the skin to crack and feel rough to the touch. Collagen loss is the main contributing factor to dull and tired skin, so increasing your bodily intake of it will help to hydrate your skin, reintroducing moisture to it and creating a brilliant glow.

Skin oiliness

Believe it or not, hydrated skin also helps to fight against increased oiliness. If you are finding that your skin seems to have become oilier than it originally was this may be a sign of dehydration as the skin will begin to produce oil to compensate for the lack of moisture it is getting naturally. Collagen will help to reduce this oiliness by reintroducing the moisture the skin has been lacking whilst also stopping the skin from becoming dry, creating a happy medium for your perfectly improved skin.

Skin health

Producing collagen is a natural process that our bodies carry out and is something that is essential to maintaining hydrated skin. Collagen is therefore a major component of our skin and plays an important role in strengthening it as we age. However, as we get older the body begins to produce less and less collagen leaving our skin unable to get the hydration that it needs to look and feel healthy. By stimulating the body to produce collagen on its own it can reinforce the production of essential proteins and help improve the structure of the skin, keeping it healthy and hydrated.

When your skin is fully hydrated it can help you to stay healthy by fighting off toxins and environmental irritants that our skin will face on a daily basis. Taking collagen therefore will not only keep you looking in good health on the outside but also on the inside by making sure skin cells are hydrated enough to be functioning at their best.

For more information on the benefits that collagen has on the skin visit our website. 

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