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What's the best collagen for athletes?

by Olivia Coleman

How do I find the best collagen for athletes?

The best collagen for athletes can help with the strain of pushing your body to its limits. This kind of exertion places a lot of demand on muscles, joints and bones. The goal is to strengthen every part of the body and enable it to perform at its maximum capacity. But a common consequence of this ongoing effort is injury and general wear and tear. The modern athlete seeks supplements that can boost the building of muscle and reduce the risk of injury. They also seek help with recovery from both training and injuries and minimise the long-term damage to our joints and bones.

The right supplementation plays an important role in achieving the goals of an athlete. We believe high-quality collagen supplements can be key to this. In this post, we will talk about why, and explain what you should be looking for to find the best collagen for athletes 

What is collagen?

You have probably heard of the hype around collagen and its benefits for skincare. But it can do wonders for other health goals as well. With a high-quality dose of collagen each day, you could experience a range of other benefits, including a boost to your gains from training. Collagen is an abundant protein in the body, and up to 10% of muscle mass consists of it. It also plays a fundamental role in providing strength and structure in your bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Many people classify collagen as its own category of supplement, but it is most definitely a protein supplement. It doesn’t quite qualify as a complete protein as it lacks one of the nine essential amino acids: tryptophan. Nevertheless, it is a very potent and effective recovery protein that will help with muscle repair after a workout and boost gains in muscle mass. It also helps with building strength in those other tissues of the joints that are often overworked during training or competition. Collagen makes up roughly 90% of our connective tissue. Our bodies start to slow down in their production of it more and more as we age.

If you are training in your thirties, you might notice a swifter decline in your ability to maintain muscle mass. The comfort and suppleness of your joints may also degrade faster. This could be due to your body’s declining collagen levels. You could address the problem with supplements containing the best collagen for athletes.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the ways collagen can help athletes.

The best collagen for athletes can improve muscle mass

Collagen is a building block of muscle, and age causes both collagen and testosterone to decrease, resulting in a loss of muscle mass. This can be even worse for people diagnosed with sarcopenia, an age-related cause of muscle loss. Research has indicated that collagen supplements can reverse this issue.

The studies show that older people experiencing muscle loss can reverse the issue. You do this through a combination of exercise and post-workout collagen supplementation. Collagen is an active component of building lean muscle mass. Thus a substantial, high-quality daily dosage can benefit athletes and anyone else who exercises.

But it’s not just that collagen supplements help our bodies produce more collagen. They also contain amino acids like arginine and glycine, which are essential for the production of creatine. Creatine helps build muscle mass and strength and generally enhance athletic performance.

So if you want to build and preserve muscle mass for competition as an athlete, the best collagen for athletes may be a wise choice.

Collagen can help prevent (and recover from) injury

Research has shown that collagen supplementation, in combination with training, can build strength in the myotendinous junction. This means that it will improve muscle-joint interaction. That is ideal for enhancing your resilience to injury and can also accelerate recovery from injuries or surgery to the joints. There are various studies that show athletes experiencing knee pain saw substantial improvements from collagen supplementation. What's more, there is even evidence that it can be beneficial for older people who wish to exercise with issues like osteoarthritis.

All our connective tissues and muscles need collagen to provide structure. Stiffness that develops in tendons and ligaments as you get older may link to a decline in collagen. Moreover, the deterioration of cartilage can lead to problems like osteoarthritis. By taking the best collagen for athletes, you can boost collagen in these tissues. You will enhance their strength and integrity to reduce discomfort and increase suppleness. Consequently, they will be more resilient to injury and the development of chronic conditions.

Collagen can boost your metabolism

There are many people who swear by collagen supplements for their ability to improve sleep quality and boost metabolism. The general effect of this is that your energy levels increase. The belief is that this happens as a result of gains in lean muscle mass. Enhancements in your digestive system’s ability to absorb and convert essential nutrients could also be a factor.

With improved sleep, your body will heal and repair more effectively between workouts. Moreover, a boost to your energy levels will increase your motivation and performance during both training and competition. The advantages of this speak for themselves with regards to athletes. So, if you are looking for something to help achieve this effect, you should be searching for the best collagen for athletes.

So just what would make the best collagen for athletes?

Knowing the benefits you could experience from collagen supplementation as an athlete is only half the story. You need to pinpoint the collagen supplement that is best positioned to help you experience those benefits. We believe Kollo is the answer, and we’re not alone in that belief. Here’s why Kollo should be on your radar:

The source

Kollo contains premium-grade, pure marine collagen. This is type I collagen – the type that is most abundant in our skin, joints and muscles. It also mirrors the molecular structure of the collagen in the human body better than bovine or porcine collagen. The result is that it is bioavailable, meaning our bodies can absorb it fast and easily to get to work in our bodies.

We enhance this by breaking down the collagen molecules into collagen peptides with a low molecular weight. We also suspend it in a liquid formulation that requires no digestion to access the active ingredients.

The added nutrients

Every sachet of Kollo liquid marine collagen contains 10 grams of that high-quality protein. This is a high daily dosage that research indicates will yield the benefits you want. The formula also includes B vitamins, vitamin C and l-lysine. All of these will further enhance your body’s synthesis of collagen along with a range of other benefits.

Kollo is a potent, nutrient-rich shot of goodness for your skin, joints, bones and more every single day.

'Informed Sport' Certification

At Kollo, we have gone all out to ensure our product is the best collagen for athletes. One important factor of this is that we have achieved 'Informed Sport' certification. This will ensure our supplement will never endanger you when it comes to anti-doping regulations.

Every batch of Kollo is rigorously tested before it comes to market. This guarantees it contains no banned substances for sporting bodies like the World Anti-Doping Agency. You can use Kollo with peace of mind knowing that it will never cause you to fail a doping test. 

Countless satisfied customers

We have an enormous number of reviews from verified customers with an average rating of 5-stars. Among those customers there are many runners, swimmers, active gym-goers and all sorts of other people who train and compete. We also get fantastic responses from people with issues like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. 

In just 2 years of existence, we have won many awards, including ‘Best Nutrition Health Drink’ and ‘Best in Test for Nutrition’ from Women’s Running. Thus, our pedigree as the best collagen for athletes stands up to scrutiny.

Learn more about why Kollo is the best collagen for athletes

This article lays out how collagen can be helpful to athletes. It also shows why Kollo is a great choice for anyone who competes in sport or trains for better health and fitness. If you want to learn more about the benefits you can get from Kollo, please explore our website.

We encourage you to visit the sections from the menu named ‘Studies’ and ‘Blog’ for in-depth information about collagen. It explains more about how Kollo can help with specific conditions/concerns. You might also like to read our reviews as well. 

If you have any other concerns or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and someone from our team will be able to lend you their expertise. We want you to feel as confident as we do that Kollo is the best collagen for athletes.

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