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How to lose weight

by Natasha Whiting

How to lose weight

Whether you want to lose weight for personal reasons or because of a health issue, there are tons of methods flying around. However, the easiest way to lose weight is simple - stick within a calorie deficit, and use some specific supplements that can help with weight loss. Here's the breakdown of how to lose weight.

Stick within a calorie deficit

To lose weight, you need to be using more calories than you are consuming each day. If you have a job that is always on your feet, chances are that you can have a higher calorie diet and not gain weight. Equally, if you are sedentary, you might need to do some extra exercise, or have a lower calorie diet, to lose weight.

Eat low calorie foods

Low calorie foods include fruit and vegetables, lean meats, and starchy carbohydrates. Sticking to these foods, rather than rich, high-calorie foods like chocolate and cakes, will eventually help you achieve that calorie deficit.


Doing plenty of exercises will also help you burn calories. There are a few different types of exercises that you can focus on. Running over long distances is a great way to burn fat; you could also do HIIT training, which are short sharp bursts of exercise. Building muscle mass will also help your body burn more calories.

Take a supplement

Supplements aren't miracle cures; to lose weight, you should take them alongside the other suggestions here. However, a collagen supplement has been shown to help with weight loss.

There are various reasons for this. Collagen can act as an appetite suppressant (don't take these too much, but if you find yourself overeating, they can be effective). It helps to keep muscle mass and also smooths out cellulite. Adding a collagen supplement can help you on your weight loss journey.

Kollo is the best collagen supplement, as it not only has collagen but plenty of other vitamins and amino acids too! Because of this, it is popular with people with all sorts of conditions, as well as those who just want to live a healthier life. If you are looking to lose weight, Kollo can help, but it's great for if you want to boost your vitamin intake too.

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