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How to properly look after your nails

by Natasha Whiting

How to properly look after your nails

The nails are an important part of your body that, without being properly looked after, can cause pain and discomfort, whether because you have nails that break easily, or nails that become ingrown. Having healthy nails is vital for your general hygiene and wellness.

What healthy nails should look like

Healthy nails should be a consistent pinky-white colour with the nails and white tips at even lengths. There should be a prominent half-moon white section at the bottom of the nail underneath your cuticle. Your nails should not break easily, and you should be able to perform your normal daily duties without worrying about them breaking. If your nails have been causing you problems, don’t worry, as here are a few tips to get your nails back on track to be healthy and strong.

Make sure your nails are clean and dry

If you have a job that means you often get your hands dirty, make sure that you carry with you a nail brush to get rid of any dirt that hides underneath your nails. Removing this dirt will reduce the bacteria and germs around your nails and therefore decrease the risk of infection.

File and moisturise

Keep your nails smooth and soft with regular filing and moisturising. Your toenails should be cut straight to avoid ingrowing which can be done with clippers or nail scissors, but your fingernails should be regularly filed to keep smooth. We know that many of you like long nails, but the truth is that the shorter the nails are, the easier they are to manage. Invest in a good moisturiser to rub daily into your nail beds to keep them from drying out and becoming brittle.


Make sure you have sufficient collagen in your diet, as collagen is a key component of your nail bed. Collagen deficiencies result in weaker nails, as well as reduced growth and repair. Kollo premium liquid marine collagen supplements contain 10g of premium marine collagen, which is an easy way to make sure you are hitting your collagen requirements.

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