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How to rebuild collagen in the face naturally

by Olivia Coleman

How to rebuild collagen in the face naturally

As we get older and the collagen levels in our body decline, the early signs of ageing set in. For some, the sagging of skin and development of fine lines and wrinkles in the face is a source of anxiety. Many associate these things with being less attractive, and this can be a blow for a person’s confidence and self-image. People try skincare routines, makeup and other things to fight this. In some cases, people even look to collagen fillers, injecting collagen into the face to reduce the visible signs of ageing. But this procedure is invasive, expensive and risky for your health. For these reasons, a growing number of people are exploring how to rebuild collagen in the face naturally. In this post, we will look at what you can do to restore your facial collagen without having to resort to injections.

Why does a decline in collagen cause facial ageing?

Collagen is a protein that provides structure to many of the tissues in the body. One of these tissues is skin. Collagen provides the building blocks that hold the skin cells in place and retain moisture to nourish them. As the levels of those building blocks start to drop, our skin loses its structure and also its ability to remain hydrated and nourish the skin cells. This causes its elasticity to fade, and it dries out and loses its glow, paving the way for fine lines and wrinkles to form.

Collagen levels drop at a faster rate as we age, and our bodies become less able to produce collagen in the quantities needed to replenish it. Other factors that can accelerate collagen decline include:

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight

  • Smoking

  • Poor diet

  • Stress

  • Menopause

Ageing slower

All of us will develop the signs of ageing, but it doesn’t necessarily have to happen as early as it often does for people. It’s about more than the condition of our skin declining. We also experience symptoms like stiffness, aching joints, thinning bones, dry hair, brittle nails, reduced energy levels and more. If we work to rebuild collagen, and reduce the rate at which we are losing it, we can retain more of our youthful exuberance for longer.

It starts with cutting out the things that accelerate collagen decline where possible. Reduce your time in direct sunlight and wear sunscreen when you are outside. Quit smoking. Improve your diet. Take steps to reduce the stress in your life. All these things cause other health concerns in addition to collagen decline, so your body will thank you for making those changes.

Rebuild collagen naturally: diet

The nutrients that come from food can be very helpful in restoring your collagen levels. They can provide some of the amino acids your body needs to synthesise collagen. They may also contain the vitamins and minerals that strengthen collagen-producing processes.

Some foods you should try to incorporate into your diet

  • Bone broth: This comes from animal bones. It can contain calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, glucosamine, collagen and more. Just make sure to use a high-quality broth or make it yourself for maximum reliability.

  • Fish: The amino acids in fish can help with your collagen intake. But you would need to heat parts like the head, scales and eyeballs to get the maximum collagen content.

  • Chicken: The tissues in poultry can contain levels of collagen for you to take in.

  • Citrus fruits, berries and tropical fruits: These are superb sources of vitamin C. This plays a major role in the production of the body’s precursor to collagen.

  • Garlic: This sulphur-rich food will help with preventing the breakdown of collagen as well as the synthesis of new collagen.

  • Leafy greens: The chlorophyll in spinach, kale and other salad greens may help increases the precursor to collagen in skin.

  • Beans: These contain a number of amino acids and can also provide copper, which is important for collagen production.

  • Cashews: Another source of copper, cashews also contain zinc to further boost your body’s ability to create collagen.

Beware that sugar and refined carbohydrates can be damaging to your collagen. They can also reduce your ability to create new collagen, meaning they could sabotage any/all of the above nutrients if you have too much.

Remember that protein-rich foods are all good sources of amino acids. But the specific amino acids needed to synthesise collagen are difficult to get in high concentrations from diet alone. Eating a good diet is part of the puzzle for how to rebuild collagen in the face naturally, but it is not the complete solution.

Rebuild collagen naturally: supplements

Collagen supplements like Kollo are precision engineered. They give your body what it needs to produce collagen naturally. Kollo revolves around premium-grade marine collagen peptides. These originate from the skin and scales of aquaculture-farmed fish.

This collagen is carefully extracted and broken down into collagen peptides. Maximum purity and integrity is a priority at all times. Collagen peptides come from breaking down complete collagen molecules via hydrolysis. Their low molecular weight means they are very easy for the digestive system to absorb. Moreover, marine collagen is the most bioavailable of all animal collagen sources – this is a huge part of why we use it in Kollo.

Kollo is a liquid collagen supplement. When you order it, you receive a box (or boxes) of 14 sachets of liquid collagen shots. You use one of these sachets per day. You empty the sachet into a glass of water then drink it to get your collagen along with a formula of B vitamins, vitamin C and l-lysine. It tastes great thanks to natural, sugar-free tropical flavourings and it is very easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

The nitty gritty

Kollo is very effective at restoring your collagen levels – just look at the awards we have won and the customer reviews we receive. But how exactly is it better than a healthy diet for restoring your collagen levels naturally?

  • The amino acids: the collagen peptides are abundant in glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These nutrients are essential for the stimulation and fuelling of collagen production. You need them in high concentrations to start restoring lost collagen. You can get them from food, but not in the quantity or with the consistency of a collagen supplement like Kollo.

  • The dosage: you may eating a varied, balanced, protein-rich diet. Even so, you will not get a consistent dosage of the nutrients you need for collagen production. Each sachet of Kollo contains 10 grams of premium-grade marine collagen peptides. This supplies your body with a science-backed amount of daily collagen to yield the precise benefits you want.

  • The consistency: by taking Kollo, you ensure your body gets a constant supply of precisely the same nutrients. They will also come in the same quantity every single day. In addition to the 10g collagen peptides, Kollo supplies 100% of your RDA of vitamins C and B12. You also get 70% of your RDA of B1, B5 and B6 and an influx of pro-collagen l-lysine.

These features of Kollo make it very effective at restoring your collagen. Combine supplementation with the foods listed above and cut out the things that damage your collagen. This way, you can prepare your body to fend off those early signs of ageing. You will look and feel younger for longer – none of us needs to age faster than necessary.

Important side note on how to restore collagen in the face naturally

So how to rebuild collagen in the face naturally? Well, it’s important to note that there is no way of controlling where your body places the restored collagen. Supplements will provide the fuel your body needs for collagen production, but it cannot instruct it as to where that collagen goes. If you are looking to restore collagen in your face, you need a supplement that provides the necessary dosage. This will cover the full range of potential benefits in order to give yourself the best chance.

Kollo’s 10g dosage is based on scientific research to do exactly that. Moreover, our customer reviews indicate a very positive experience. This is particularly true for restoring a more youthful appearance in the face.

Learn more about Kollo

We are confident you won’t find a more effective supplement than Kollo for rebuilding collagen in the face naturally. Our website contains a wealth of information about our product. It explains the science behind it and the results achieved by verified buyers using our supplement. You can also explore our blog section to educate yourself further on collagen. You will learn about the effects of supplementation and everything related to Kollo.

If you still have questions, you can reach our team through the contact page on our website. We are available via email or social media and would love to hear from you.

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