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Keep your hair healthy this winter!

by Natasha Whiting

Keep your hair healthy this winter!

Sometimes it can feel like we lose all our vibrancy and colour in winter. The summer sunshine can brighten our skin with a natural glow and help our hair appear shiny and naturally highlighted. But once the weather changes, it’s easy to feel a little washed out. Why is that, and how can you adapt your routine to keep yourself feeling fresh and healthy, even during the winter months?

The impact of weather

Cold weather, heavy rain, and the dry indoor air caused by heating can impact your hair health. You might notice that your hair feels dried out and brittle as summer ends. While you need to protect your hair from the summer heat, it’s equally important to keep it safe in the winter too. Something as simple as donning a hat can help keep your hair looking healthy, but that’s not all you need to do.

Haircut heaven

While you will want to opt for a low maintenance style in the winter (a cut that can withstand getting blown about and snowed on!), you still need to keep up your trims every 8 to 12 weeks – more so with shorter styles. This gets rid of the weight of dead hair and split ends to promote shine.

Invest in your hair care routine

Your hair may need a more intensive care routine in icy temperatures. Look to incorporate more oils and hair masks to lock in moisture and secure your glossy locks until the summer arrives. Allow your hair to air dry when possible to reduce heat damage.

Up your supplements

One of the best ways of keeping your hair looking its best and glowing with good health is Kollo premium liquid collagen. Proven to help improve the health of your skin, nails and hair, it really shows that beauty comes from within. What you put into your body matters when you want to look and feel incredible and Kollo can be taken daily to promote healthy hair.

So don’t wait. Start giving your hair the TLC it deserves and you can look forward to easily maintaining your luscious locks, whatever the weather!
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