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Kollo Health’s Collagen For Running the London Marathon 2023

by William Milton

The team at Kollo Health want to wish everyone running the London Marathon 2023 the very best of luck. You’ve trained hard, you’ve made sacrifices and you’ve done all your prep. Whether you’re taking on your first marathon and simply hoping to finish or looking for a personal best in your 20th marathon: you’ve got this! And did you know you can take collagen for running to help strengthen and prepare your body?

Read on to learn how.

Improve injury resistance with collagen for running

Collagen is an important protein in connective tissues throughout the body. This includes the bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage that make up our joints. Our bodies produce collagen naturally from certain amino acids with the help of various vitamins and minerals. Kollo Health’s premium marine collagen supplement provides an abundance of those nutrients every single day so your body has all it needs to ramp up collagen production.

The result is that you can boost collagen levels in those joint tissues. This makes them stronger, more flexible and more resistant to injury. Moreover, you will recover faster from any injuries you do sustain. You will also recover more quickly from workouts thanks to the presence of all those amino acids in collagen.

This leads us on to the next point.

Collagen can help boost your muscle mass

With a daily dose of 10,000mg of premium marine collagen in your system, you are feeding your body a high-quality protein. The amino acids within will help with collagen synthesis, but they also assist with other things your body uses protein for. Muscle building is one of these things, so you may experience greater muscle gain from your workouts. These benefits can make you stronger and increase your running endurance.

Use collagen for running to boost your metabolism

Many people report improved energy levels when taking our marine collagen supplement. This may be because optimal collagen levels helps regulate the release of certain hormones that control the way your body processes certain nutrients. Also, by adding more lean muscle mass, your metabolism naturally increases as you need to burn more calories to maintain that extra mass. All of this equates to improve energy levels which can be invaluable when you hit that tarmac.

Improved heart health

In addition to all the above, your heart can also benefit from you taking collagen for running. The walls of your arteries require a lot of collagen to stay strong and flexible. As you age, your collagen levels drop, and arteries can become stiff. This impacts your circulation and can even lead to arterial disease. Kollo Health’s premium collagen supplement can help maintain that flexibility in the arterial walls so your circulatory system continues functioning at its full capacity.

Bonus benefits of taking collagen for running

Your collagen levels deplete as you age. As you move into your mid-thirties and beyond, you will notice this starting to have effects. In a nutshell, you will begin to look and feel older, and this will only increase from here on out. That is, unless you take action.

In addition to the benefits listed above, a collagen supplement could yield the following benefits:

  • Improvements in the health and appearance of your skin (wrinkles, sagging, cellulite, etc.)

  • Better health in your hair and nails

  • Reduced pain and stiffness in the joints

  • Better gut health

  • Increased bone mass

  • Improved sleep

Final thoughts

If you’ve been preparing for the London Marathon, chances are you’ve been dieting, exercising and sleeping a lot. These things are all great for your collagen, but Kollo Health’s premium marine collagen supplement is the final piece of that puzzle. Take it daily and you will have a consistent supply of collagen fuel to enjoy all the benefits listed in this post.

Once again, we wish you the very best of luck for the London Marathon. You’re part of a very exclusive group and you’re taking part in a fantastic cause. Whether you try collagen for running or not, one thing is for sure – you're a superhero!

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