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Kollo, The Multi-Award Winning Collagen Supplement

by Natasha Whiting

We started Kollo just over a year ago and we are immensely proud of the journey we have experienced so far. With the year and a half everyone has had, it was so important for us to introduce a product that people felt they could reap the benefits from. Having thousands of happy customers, receiving 5 star reviews and being in a position to give back to our amazing customers by launching the original most generous daily dose of collagen in a liquid sachet form with a power-packing 10g has really been something! Though we are only at the beginning of this wonderful adventure, we have been so honoured to receive a number of awards along the way.

Best in Test for Nutrition - Women's Running

We were extremely excited to have won this award, coming top with a whopping 5-star rating from the magazine’s tester Esther. Women’s Running is the community for all people who identify as women who love to run. Being voted the best fuelling system within this amazing community confirms just how brilliant Kollo is. Here is a glimpse of what Esther had to say

“I tried Kollo, containing a whopping 10g of premium liquid collagen, for a month, and I think you need a good three months to see the results, but I can tell you this; almost unbelievably for a marine-derived collagen, it tastes great (it’s a gel you dilute in water), like a tropical drink. And after four weeks, I can certainly attest to no injuries and strong nails. Is that all down to Kollo? I dunno, but I’m not stopping taking it any time soon!”

You can read more about this award here https://kollohealth.com/blogs/news/big-news-kollo-has-won-best-in-test-for-nutrition-in-women-s-running-magazine


Best Supplement for Healthy Nails - Beauty Shortlist

We’ve won Best Supplement for Healthy Nails as voted for by The Beauty Shortlist! We hear a lot from our customers that the first visible signs of Kollo working its magic is the growth and strength of their nails. The judges said

“The calibre of health supplements and CBD entries was remarkably high – and the fact that self-care has never been more important than this year has really shone through.”


Best Supplement - Global Makeup Awards - UK

We won the Bronze award for Best Supplement by Global Makeup Awards! With the Health and Beauty industry being so competitive with thousands of brands, it felt amazing to be recognised for this. After trying and testing Kollo, Global Makeup Awards said

“Kollo is a daily liquid collagen supplement developed to contribute towards healthier skin, hair and nails, while helping to maintain the function of healthy joints, bones and cartilage. It not only contains collagen, but vitamins, L-Lysine, and is quickly absorbed by the body. We found after a couple of weeks use that our skin already looked tighter and brighter.”


Best Design & Packaging - Global Makeup Awards - UK

We know how gorgeous our little red boxes are but to be awarded with the Gold award for Best Design & Packaging by Global Makeup Awards was pretty special! They said “This category looks to regard those brands which really stand out from the crowd with their product packaging.”

Their comments on awarding Kollo with this were

“The first thing the UK 2021 Global Makeup Awards team thought when they saw the packaging for Kollo was wow. It comes in a handy, vibrant red box which contains easy sachets with the liquid formula. Kollo is a premium liquid marine collagen supplement, backed by science. Specially formulated to be easily absorbed by the body, the marine collagen peptides have been clinically studied for anti-ageing effects.”

You can read more about these awards here https://kollohealth.com/blogs/news/we-ve-won-awards-for-best-design-and-packaging-best-supplement



We were so very grateful to be commended for mother & beauty, self-care. This is the heart of what Kollo stands for. Introducing a product that focuses on the health, wellbeing and wellness of our customers during a time where it’s needed most has been an incredible thing to do and to be commended for this by Mama & Baby proves it all. 

"I love the integrity that shines through, these awards should be used as everyone's beauty shopping list"  -  Alexia Inge, co-founder, Cult Beauty London


"No other awards champion brands like The Beauty Shortlist does. A true celebration of the best".  - The British Beauty Council

Health, wellness and wellbeing is something we all need to take care of and we really believe Kollo oozes this. If you’d like to try Kollo or if you’d like to find out more information, please see our FAQ’s here https://kollohealth.com/pages/faq-s or drop us an email on info@kollohealth.com ❤️

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