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Naticol Marine Collagen: Quality and Sustainability

by Olivia Coleman

Naticol Marine Collagen: committed to quality and sustainability

Kollo uses Naticol marine collagen to supply the collagen content of our supplement. It is 100% premium grade fish collagen, derived from the skin and scales of the animals as a by-product of the fishing industry. We selected this as our collagen source after a great deal of due diligence. This meant searching for the collagen peptides that have the highest purity and integrity. We also focused on the ethics and sustainability of the brands we explored.

We are confident in our choice. As part of our own commitment to transparency, we would like to share some details about what made us choose Naticol marine collagen.


Naticol marine collagen: Traceability

The first element of Naticol that we love is the company’s commitment to traceability during production. The supply chain offers complete transparency so you can see what happens at every stage of production. The fish involved include tilapia and several other freshwater fish. They come from aquaculture fish farms rather than being wild-caught.

One advantage of this relates to sustainability. The methods involved in catching wild fish are often unsustainable, threatening populations of many marine animals. This is in addition to the destruction of their habitats. By choosing farmed fish, the methods do not impact the numbers of wild fish in the environment. Everything happens under controlled conditions and remains completely sustainable. The aquaculture farms they use have certification from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP). This means they are in full compliance with regulatory guidelines designed to protect the environment. The welfare of the animals and the quality of the products derived from them are always paramount.


A commitment to quality

During the production of Naticol marine collagen, they audit every supplier to check their standards. They ensure those suppliers have full EU approval. They also manually check that their processes meet the standard for both preserving the quality and integrity of the collagen. Environmental concerns are another important box to tick.

The aquaculture farms used to obtain Naticol marine collagen have very low CO2 emissions. Moreover, they have a commitment to protecting natural resources. They produce 7x less greenhouse gas emissions than the farming methods used with cows and pigs. This is another key benefit of marine collagen over bovine or porcine. The use of antibiotics is very low and other chemicals that could contaminate the collagen are not used.

Naticol marine collagen: durability

When it comes to producing the collagen peptides in Naticol marine collagen, a robust and durable product is a priority. Purity and integrity are the order of the day and the processes used for extracting and breaking down the collagen adhere to this principle. They use enzymatic processing to obtain the collagen from the fish skin and scales. Subsequently, enzymatic hydrolysis converts the collagen into collagen peptides. By choosing enzymes over acids, they protect the end product against damage and contamination. This adds value to the raw material in the best possible way.

Other noteworthy features relating to this stage include:
  • A commitment to zero waste, discarding nothing

  • Adherence to ongoing social and economic commitments

  • An active circular economy

  • An environmentally friendly approach throughout



The quality and inclusivity of Naticol marine collagen are outstanding. They demonstrate this through certain certifications. Firstly, production of the marine collagen peptides happens in the EU. This means very strict standards apply before they can go to market. 

The first certification worth noting is the RSE certification demonstrating social responsibility. It is part of ISO 26000 and involves issues like gender equality, clean water, climate action, sustainability, peace and justice. This certification outlines core values and a commitment to them, and those align closely with the mission at Kollo.

Another important certification is FSSC 22000, which is all about food safety standards. This certification provides assurance that the collagen peptides are safe to consume. It also means they are free from harmful contaminants. This certification involves rigorous assessment of the processes and products involved. Thus, it is a strong assurance of the integrity and purity of Naticol collagen peptides.

Other certifications that will be of interest to many are that the hydrolysed collagen is certified both halal and kosher. This is all about inclusivity and maximising the accessibility of the product. It demonstrates a genuine adherence to the commitment to not discriminating.

Naticol marine collagen: responsibility

There is a strong understanding of the responsibility to customers with Naticol marine collagen. There is rigorous adherence to ethical values in the sourcing and processing of collagen. The result is a unique hydrolysed collagen product that is natural and safe for consumers. The purity of the collagen content is always in excess of 99%. Moreover, the product itself is patented as a mark of its authenticity and uniqueness.

They carry out extensive testing of the product in controlled conditions. The aim is to evaluate its efficacy for the full range of benefits people want from collagen. The results are superb for things like:

  • Skin beauty and ageing well

  • Improved collagen synthesis

  • Joint health

  • Musculoskeletal conditions

  • Lean body mass

  • Sport nutrition

These results are another thing that helped us decide Naticol was right for Kollo. We want to deliver the full suite of benefits to our customers, and Naticol has excelled in demonstrating its efficacy on all fronts.

Bringing everything together

Naticol marine collagen is bioactive and bioavailable, so it will be easily absorbed into your system and get to work fast in your body. Its benefits to health and well-being were the ultimate goal of its inception. We pass those benefits on to you through Kollo.

The traceability, durability and responsibility are so evident in Naticol. These are the reasons we chose it as the main active ingredient in our supplements. We can honestly say we have had no cause to look back after going into production.


How Kollo builds on Naticol marine collagen

Naticol was a starting point for Kollo, but we have put a lot more into it to create our own innovative and industry-leading product. We build on the sustainability element by implementing our own environmentally-friendly processes. These go into the production and design of Kollo. All our packaging is completely recyclable, and that includes those gorgeous little sachets. You can recycle them as part of the Terracycle scheme, so Kollo is as close to zero waste as possible.

Our biggest commitment is to the efficacy of Kollo in delivering all those wonderful collagen benefits to our customers. Taking the active ingredient of Naticol marine collagen, we have ensured every sachet contains 10,000mg (10 grams) of the stuff. Thus, you get a hefty daily dose. We based this dosage on a wealth of scientific research as the optimum daily amount needed to yield the full range of benefits. With Kollo, you get it every single day.

By suspending the collagen peptides in a liquid shot, we also deliver the following advantages:

  • A simple, convenient way to take the supplement: simply dilute with water and drink it!

  • Maximum bioavailability of the collagen peptides - your body doesn't have to break anything down.

  • A delicious taste from natural flavourings, making it a welcome addition to your daily routine.

An extra collagen boost

In addition to the above, we also fortify the formula with complementary nutrients to make Kollo more powerful. Research has shown that certain B vitamins and vitamin C help nurture the processes that produce collagen in the body. So the collagen peptides fuel collagen synthesis, and we add a B vitamin complex and 100% of your vitamin C RDA. This helps ensure your collagen-producing mechanisms are in optimal shape too.

We also add l-lysine to the mix because it promotes collagen growth along with enzymes and antibodies. It also helps with the health of your immune system. With these extra ingredients, the health benefits of Kollo extend beyond boosting your collagen. Overall, it is a powerful resource for your well-being.

Learn more about Kollo

Now you have learnt everything you need to know about Naticol marine collagen and got an introduction to Kollo. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our company, our product and the goals of collagen supplementation.

You will find various sections on our website that provide answers to any questions you might have. These include customer testimonials, scientific studies and informative articles from our blog section. If you still have questions, our team is available via email and social media and we would love to hear from you.

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