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Stretch marks - can collagen help?

by Natasha Whiting

Anybody can get stretch marks, whether you're a man or woman, old or young. They can emerge anywhere on the body, often with no warning or obvious cause. This can lead to some people hiding parts of their bodies with unflattering clothes and suffering from low self-esteem. But did you know that collagen supplements could help to fade stretch marks and boost body positivity? Let's take a closer look at what our premium marine liquid collagen sachets can do.

What is a stretch mark?

A stretch mark is typically defined as a tear in the skin that is caused either by growth or weight gain, though they don’t require any special medical attention. There are two types: red ones and white ones. Red stretch marks are the most treatable, as often this means that they’re fresh and still have the blood vessels lying underneath. White stretchmarks, on the other hand, are older and are what red stretch marks often fade into. While they’re much harder to treat, they are less visible.

How can collagen help?

Although stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, you may want some help improving the look of them. This is where marine collagen supplements come in. Increased collagen helps to boost the body’s natural elastin production, promoting skin regeneration that can improve its overall appearance and reduce stretch marks.

Can collagen prevent them?

As stretch marks are caused by the skin expanding faster than elastin production can speed up, you may be wondering whether or not marine collagen can prevent the presence of stretch marks in the first place. It's no secret that collagen plays a role in keeping your skin strong and elastic, so taking a collagen supplement regularly could help to prevent stretch marks from forming as your skin stretches. For more information on how collagen can help, contact us at Kollo Health today.

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