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There are SO many benefits to taking a collagen supplement like Kollo!

by Andrew Harkness

There are SO many benefits to taking a collagen supplement like Kollo! 

The benefits of taking a supplement like Kollo are endless - counteract skin ageing and deep wrinkle formation, thicker hair, stronger nails and bones and reduced joint pain. Studies have suggested that by taking a collagen supplement could even help promote a healthier heart, gut and brain health and even help with weight loss. But did you know it could even improve one’s state of mind? Kollo contains the vitamin B12 which helps you produce the feel-good chemical ‘serotonin’. Serotonin has been proven to regulate one's anxiety, happiness and mood levels.

The great thing about a collagen supplement is the ease of being able to take it without any fuss. Most collagen products alike to Kollo are packaged in fuss-free sachets making it easy to take around with you on the go or on your travels. Alongside this, you can take it either straight from the sachet or add to some water but you can be as adventurous as you’d like - we’ve even heard Kollo customers say how they like to add it to smoothies or juice for the extra sweetness!

Should you take collagen before or after food and what time is best?
So there is no right or wrong way to take your collagen supplement whether it be before or after eating food. It’s always best to fully check the instructions as it could vary from brand to brand and they may have suggestions as to what they believe works best. Studies have found that by taking a collagen supplement on an empty stomach, increases the chances of seeing better results. This may be true as you need stomach acid in order to digest protein but of course, this is down to personal preference. Some experts also have reason to believe that by having vitamin C with a collagen supplement could boost our natural production of collagen. The great thing about this, is that Kollo has vitamin C alongside vitamins B1, B5, B6 and B12.

In regards to the time that works best for collagen, this varies for everyone. Some people who take Kollo have found that it helps them sleep which is why they take it in the evening, but a lot of our customers find that they have a boost in energy and concentration which will be from the B12 we include and in result of this, they like to take it in the morning or before a workout. However, as mentioned, this works differently for everyone which is why we would recommend trialling out different times to take Kollo to see what would be the best solution for you.

Overall, we love Kollo and all the amazing benefits we feel and see from taking this but of course, it is important to remember that collagen supplements are not quick fixes if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. For collagen supplements to work, you have to ensure you are making healthy choices with what you consume, regular exercise and a good amount of sleep. All of this could encourage your collagen supplement to work more effectively within your lifestyle.

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