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Top 3 collagen myths debunked

by Natasha Whiting

Top 3 collagen myths debunked

Everyone from the elderly and millennials to athletes and celebrities want to reap the benefits of collagen – be it in the form of supplements or ingestible peptides in their drinks. While the attention on collagen is well-deserved, there are unfortunately a few myths about the way collagen works and what it can do for your skin and body currently receiving attention also. So, read on if you’d like to once and for all debunk the top 3 misconceptions surrounding collagen.

Myth 1: Collagen is created by our body, so there’s no need to take a supplement.

While we all may know that collagen helps make our skin look plumper and more rejuvenated, what you may not know is that the natural production of collagen in our bodies begins to decrease as you age, which can begin to happen from your twenties. Smoking, pollution, poor diet, and sun exposure all contribute to fast-tracking this decline of collagen production. Taking a collagen supplement daily can’t restore your collagen to the way it was in your teens, but it can definitely do an excellent job at triggering collagen production to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase skin hydration.

Myth 2: All collagen is the same.

When it comes to collagen, the main difference between porcine (collagen from pigs), bovine (collagen from cows), and marine (collagen from fish) are how quickly it’s absorbed into your skin. A 2015 study found that marine collagen can be absorbed by your bloodstream faster than the other two.

Myth 3: Collagen is only good for your skin.

While collagen can help replenish your skin, it can also do so much more than that. For example, collagen can help keratin production, which is vital for healthy hair. Other benefits? Collagen might be able to strengthen your nails, bones, tendons, and simply improve your overall joint health.

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