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What are the benefits of B vitamins?

by Natasha Whiting

We all know that vitamins are essential for maintaining healthy skin, hair and bodies, but do you know which ones you really need? When it comes to health and beauty supplements, you may have noticed that they’re often packed with a whole host of B vitamins, but what is the difference between them all and what exactly do each of them do?

Kollo may be a marine collagen supplement, but it’s also cleverly formulated with a blend of essential vitamins, including some key B vitamins, to deliver optimum results. Here are the vitamins used in this innovative formula.

What is vitamin B1?

Vitamin B1, or thiamine, is incredibly important and supports many functions in the body. As well as helping the body turn food into energy, it also enables all tissues in the body to function correctly. Thiamine is also called the ‘anti-stress vitamin’, helping to minimise those pesky stress-driven breakouts. Despite how essential it is, our body does not naturally produce thiamine, so we need to ensure we’re getting our daily dose.

What is vitamin B5?

Also known as pantothenic acid, vitamin B5 has many functions in the body but is incredibly important for maintaining healthy skin. It reinforces our skin’s barrier function, allowing it to retain moisture, boost hydration levels and maintain elasticity. It’s also been found to be beneficial for acne sufferers and for soothing the itchiness of eczema.

What is vitamin B6?

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) is another stress-busting vitamin that assists the body in producing serotonin (the happy hormone) and melatonin (the sleep hormone). Stress and lack of sleep lead to inflammation in the body, which reduce our skin cells’ ability to regenerate and leads to a dull, dry complexion.

What is vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12, more formally known as cobalamin, is key for cell reproduction, making it a must-have anti-ageing vitamin. It’s been proven to help with a wide range of skin concerns, including acne, psoriasis, eczema and dryness.

This powerful combination of B vitamins works alongside premium marine collagen to create a daily supplement for healthy skin, hair, nails, joints and bones. Lines and wrinkles are smoothed, radiance is boosted and skin feels soft, supple and hydrated, making Kollo the best collagen supplement (plus, it tastes great).
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