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What changes should you make to your winter skincare routine, and why?

by Natasha Whiting

As the cold weather draws ever closer thanks to the approaching December, January, and the latter half of November, many men and women around the country are noticing changes to their skin. This includes skin feeling dry and flaky, breakouts becoming more common, and lips feeling chapped and sore.

Without adjusting your skincare routine accordingly, these skincare symptoms will only deteriorate and become more severe, posing serious ramifications for your appearance and confidence. But what changes should you make to your winter skincare routine  to combat the aforementioned signs of damage as a result of the cold weather? And why?

Double up on your moisturiser

During the winter, your skin becomes more susceptible to losing its moisture faster due to the dryness of the air outside. You can help minimise any loss of moisture by doubling up on your skincare products, such as serums or oils applied before your moisturiser. This is done to help your moisturiser stay on your skin for longer, allowing for more effective absorption to penetrate the skin. You can also switch out your lighter moisturiser for a heavier and thicker one.

Ditch the scented products

Though they smell delightful, scented products can be really damaging for your skin, especially in the winter. This is because many scented products are naturally drying to your skin, resulting in flakiness and increased risk of breakouts. The colder weather doubles this risk as the air is dryer, which is why many of us suffer from breakouts as the days turn shorter.

Consider taking collagen supplements

The winter season, for many of us, sees the ditching of diets and eating healthy in favour of comfort food - especially around Christmas. Thanks to this, your body can lose many essential nutrients, such as those that are important for your skin.

By taking a collagen supplement like the premium liquid marine collagen supplement offered by Kollo, you're feeding your skin with many essential vitamins that improve your skin's suppleness, elasticity, and youthful glow. This includes vitamins C, B1, B5, B6 and B12, all of which are packed into Kollo's easy-to-take marine collagen sachets.

To see the full range of collagen benefits, including skin plumpness, faster cell renewal, and reversal of signs of ageing including fine lines, explore the Kollo website now. 
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