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What is in a collagen supplement?

by Andrew Harkness

What is in a collagen supplement?

If you are considering taking collagen supplements, you will naturally want to know exactly what is in the supplements and what benefits each ingredient has. Kollo undoubtedly creates the best collagen supplements for skin and hair, so the below guide will outline what is in a Kollo collagen supplement.


Marine collagen

Marine collagen is a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from the scales of saltwater fish. Collagen is a protein that has been broken down with peptides and through hydrolysis into small amino acid chains. As marine collagen has such a low molecular weight, it can be easily and efficiently absorbed by the body. There are many marine collagen benefits, for example, marine collagen is sustainable. In each 15 ml Kollo supplement, there is 7000mg of marine collagen peptides.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is added to every Kollo collagen supplement as it can promote cell metabolism and improve energy levels and brain function if taken regularly. In general, Vitamin B works to maintain good health and wellbeing, making it a great all-around addition to a collagen supplement. Vitamin B is found in citrus fruit and whole grains, but often people do not consume enough of these foods in their day to day lives to have enough Vitamin B.

Vitamin C

If you choose to take a collagen supplement, it is essential the supplement is formulated with Vitamin C as the body cannot store or form collagen without Vitamin C. For this reason, Vitamin C is formulated into every collagen supplement. Aside from being instrumental in the production and storage of collagen, Vitamin C works to slow the rate of free-radicals that can cause dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.


L-lysine is an α-amino acid that helps to promote the growth of collagen, along with enzymes and antibodies. It is used in the biosynthesis of protein, which helps individuals who consume l- lysine to keep a healthy immune system.

B5, B6 and B12

Other B vitamins, including B5, <a href="">B6</a> and B12 are also included in Kollo collagen supplements. Vitamin B5 is vital to living a healthy lifestyle as B5 helps to maintain good digestive processes. B6 has been shown to improve an individual's mood and may reduce risks of heart disease. B12 contributes to normal blood production and may support bone health.

How do Kollo supplements work?

For collagen to form, fibroblasts in your skin need amino acids. Kollo supplements provide your fibroblasts with the amino acids and collagen peptides they need to produce collagen. Simply take 15ml of Kollo supplements daily to receive the benefits of the supplement ingredients.


How should you take collagen supplements?

As Kollo is in a liquid form, the easiest way to take collagen is through a shot. If, however, you wish to add your collagen supplement to a drink e.g. a herbal tea or a smoothie, as Kollo has a tasty tropical flavour this is also recommended. It does not matter what time of day you take the supplements, though it is recommended to take the supplements at the same time each day to ensure you remember to take them.

Why Kollo?

If you'd like to introduce marine collagen supplements into your lifestyle, do not hesitate to check out Kollo today. Our expert studies have clinically proven that Kollo helps with anti-aging and skin issues.

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