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Pro Collagen

by Olivia Coleman

Why are collagen supplements sometimes called pro collagen?

If you follow either the health or beauty industries in any kind of way, you are probably aware of the existence of pro collagen supplements. Perhaps you have heard stories from people who say they have experienced de-ageing in their skin or a reduction in pain in their jointsOur own customer reviews are full of stories like this. There are even some lovely people who say Kollo has helped with conditions like eczema, acne and osteoarthritis. There is plenty of support for these stories from research. We have observed benefits during studies into the effectiveness of collagen supplementations. But just what do collagen supplements do in the body and why is the term pro collagen so often associated with them?

Get answers by reading on.

What is collagen, exactly?

Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally in our bodies, and in the bodies of most creatures in the animal kingdom. Its purpose is to provide structure to the cellular makeup of connective tissues. These include skin, muscle, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. It is also present in bone, arteries and intestines. Basically, it is everywhere in our bodies and we need it to ensure all those parts of our bodies remain firm, supple and in good health. All in all, collagen makes up around 30% of the proteins in our bodies, so it plays a significant part in our health.

As we age, the levels of collagen in our bodies start to decline. This is a natural part of the way we age. But the fact that it is difficult for us to get the amino acids required to stimulate collagen production from diet alone doesn’t help. To get actual collagen in our diets, we would need to consume things like animal hides, bone and tendons. These are generally not included in meat products. Our ability to produce collagen suffers as we cannot provide our bodies with enough of the amino acids it needs to produce new collagen. Furthermore, the loss of collagen in our bodies accelerates with sun exposure, smoking, stress, unhealthy diet and more.

The consequences of this decline in collagen are many, and they become more pronounced as we approach midlife.

Common symptoms of collagen decline

  • Sagging skin

  • Wrinkles and fine lines

  • Loss of bone density

  • Stiff, painful joints

  • Thinning hair and nails

Many people look for ways to reignite collagen production in their bodies to counter these early signs of ageing. Eating foods that contain the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline is a good start. Your body also needs other nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin C, l-lysine and hyaluronic acid. But it is here that pro-collagen supplements come into play.

Why do we call them ‘pro-collagen’?

One common misconception about collagen supplements is that they simply supply your body with new collagen to absorb. It doesn’t work this way, because this is not how the digestive system works. Our digestive systems break foods down, absorbing nutrients to fuel metabolic processes and discarding waste. This is exactly what it does when we put collagen supplements into our bodies.
Collagen supplements contain collagen peptides. These are small chains of amino acids derived from complete collagen molecules. Collagen peptides result from processing collagen via hydrolysis, breaking down the triple helix to separate out the amino acid chains. The reason for this is to make the collagen that goes into supplements more bioavailable.

The bioavailability of ingredients refers to how easy it is for your body to absorb it into the bloodstream. Complete collagen molecules are quite large and therefore difficult for our bodies to absorb. By breaking them down into collagen peptides, we make it easier for your body to absorb the key nutrients. Consequently, they can get to work in your bloodstream. 

What do the collagen peptides do in your body?

Once those collagen peptides enter the bloodstream, your body sets about making use of the amino acids contained within. These serve various purposes in the body. But the amino acids in collagen peptides provide lots of the fuel your body needs to produce new collagen internally. This is the reason for the term ‘pro-collagen’. Collagen supplements are pro-collagen because they fuel the production of new collagen in your body.
Again, the most important amino acids for this are glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These are all readily available in high-quality collagen peptides. This supplies your body with a wealth of the basic materials it needs to set about producing collagen to send wherever your body needs it.

What benefits can you get from pro-collagen supplements?

As previously mentioned, the benefits of collagen supplements relate the early signs of ageing. The pro-collagen effect can replenish and even boost the levels of collagen in your body. In turn, this gradually undoes some of the damage done by the slow decline in collagen levels in your body. The older you are, the more explicit those benefits are likely to be, but we can all experience benefits like:

  • Firmer, more vibrant skin

  • A reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

  • Increased bone density

  • Stronger, more comfortable joints

  • Thicker, fuller hair and nails

  • Improved gut health

  • Healthier arteries

  • Gains in lean muscle mass

  • An energy level boost and improved sleep

These benefits tend to take between 6 weeks and 12 months. It depends on the benefit in question and other factors like genetics and the quality of the collagen supplement you take. It is a gradual, ongoing process that requires some discipline and patience, but the payoff is huge if you bear with it. 

What makes a good pro-collagen supplement?

To assess the quality of a pro collagen supplement, you need to explore a few factors. The bioavailability of the collagen content is key. Research has shown that the most bioavailable form of animal collagen comes from the skin and scales of fish – marine collagen. This also tends to have the highest purity, particularly when extracted and hydrolysed using non-chemical techniques. These methods preserve both the purity and integrity of the resulting collagen peptides.

The form the supplement takes also plays a role in bioavailability. Solids require more digestion within the body. This slows the process of absorption into the bloodstream and delays your body’s access to the amino acids. Liquid, on the other hand, is essentially ‘pre-digested’ so your body gets immediate access to those nutrients.

Another key factor is the supporting ingredients within the supplement. We have already said that getting certain nutrients from your diet helps maximise your collagen production. Many pro-collagen supplements include these very nutrients in the formula. This ensures you are getting everything your body needs to fuel collagen synthesis in a powerful and effective way. Other factors that you might want to consider when looking for a high-quality supplement include:

  • The sustainability of the collagen it uses

  • Awards and certifications achieved by the brand and their product

  • Customer reviews

  • The waste footprint of the product (packaging, etc.)

Why Kollo is a great choice

Taking all the factors listed above into consideration, we are confident you won’t find a better pro-collagen product than Kollo. We have pulled out all the stops during development to deliver on all fronts. Here are the things that address all the above factors and make Kollo stand out in the market:

  • Kollo used Naticol marine collagen peptides from aquaculture-farmed fish

  • Extraction and hydrolysis of collagen uses chemical-free, enzymatic processes

  • We provide it in a liquid suspension for maximum convenience and bioavailability

  • We add B vitamins, vitamin C and l-lysine to the formula to boost the ‘pro collagen’ effect

  • We have won numerous awards and achieved Informed Sport certification

  • Our 5-star customer reviews number in the thousands

  • All our packaging is completely recyclable

As you can see, we have left no stone unturned in creating the best possible collagen supplement, and we really have thought of everything.

Learn more about Kollo

Now you know what we mean by ‘pro collagen’ and why Kollo is one of the best products on the market for boosting the collagen levels in your body. If you would like to learn more about that, please explore our website. Take a look at the scientific research, the customer reviews and the blog that contains a wealth of related information. You should find answers to all the questions you may have about collagen products.

If you are still unsure about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Someone from our team will be able to answer your queries and help you come to the right decision for you.

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