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Why collagen should be your new hangover cure

by Natasha Whiting

We all know that staying up all night, losing out on sleep and enjoying a few too many cocktails can dry out and age our skin. Alcohol can also damage our gut, cause late-night food binges, and it can disrupt our sleep, causing fatigue. Let's take a look at how collagen could help with a hangover cure. 

Ultimately, partying can take a toll on our health. Not all is lost, though. If you love a party and a drink, taking a daily marine collagen supplement such as Kollo could counteract the negative effects of late nights and booze.

What is marine collagen?

Marine collagen a Type 1 collagen, which is the primary protein in the body that helps your bones, tissues and muscles to function and perform well, whilst your skin, nails and hair all need collagen for strength and shine. Marine collagen is sourced from fish and has the highest bio-availability out of all the different types of collagen, so it is absorbed 150% faster in the body.

Can marine collagen protect my skin?

Collagen keeps your skin supple and improves elasticity. Because drinking alcohol and smoking causes dehydration, your skin can become dry and age quickly when consumed regularly.

Kollo supplement sachets contain not only 10,000mg liquid marine collagen (that’s the highest on the market!), but they also have added vitamin C, which contains powerful antioxidants to help your skin detox, while its anti-ageing properties can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Can marine collagen cure my hangover?

Kollo marine collagen can help fight fatigue following a night out thanks to its added vitamin B complex, which is made of essential vitamins to boost your energy. Collagen supplements can also balance gut health and aid digestion, helping to reduce the inflammation caused by alcohol consumption.

Backed by science, Kollo is an excellent source of essential amino acids, plus added vitamins B & C, all of which can improve your overall health and help reduce the damaging effects of partying. Taking a daily liquid collagen supplement is an easy way to reap the benefits of marine collagen and to protect your skin, hair and gut. Shop our range now to see how marine collagen supplements can benefit you.

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