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Can marine collagen help with weight loss?

by Natasha Whiting

Can marine collagen help with weight loss?

You already know that marine collagen is an excellent source of essential amino acids and Kollo has been specially created to provide valuable vitamins B & C to aid natural collagen production, but did you know that collagen can also help with your weight loss goals? Here are a few ways that collagen supplements, when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, could be that extra push you need to lose weight.

Increased metabolism

Collagen is full of amino acids which are the building blocks for protein synthesis. Additional collagen can help build lean muscle, and as a result of this, can cause a higher calorie burn even at a resting state. Muscle requires more energy to survive than fat does. Burning more calories while resting? It’s a win-win.

Quicker exercise recovery time

Exercise is a great way to burn calories, and also get a rush of endorphins that will leave you feeling great. Low levels of collagen increase muscle soreness from exercise due to the lack of elasticity in the tissue surrounding the muscles and joints. Sufficient collagen levels can reduce the pain and lessen the setback to your training, making it easier for you to get back out there and smash those goals! <a href=”” Click here to learn more.

Stabilises blood sugar

Studies have found that people with high blood sugar levels have reportedly lower levels of glycine (an essential amino acid) in their bloodstream. Collagen contains this amino acid and taking collagen supplements can support a healthy balance of nutrients in the blood.

High quality protein content

Collagen is a superior protein source and does not contain any carbs, fat or sugar. Protein not only keeps you fuller for longer, which can help curb you of some of your sweet treat cravings, but also requires more energy to digest. This means that even just consuming protein can be calorie burning.

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