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Collagen supplements can help triathletes level up their performance - here’s how

by Natasha Whiting

Collagen supplements can help triathletes level up their performance - here’s how

A common question asked by triathletes is how they can reduce their risk of injury, speed up recovery time, and reach optimum performance levels. Well, if you are consuming enough collagen via supplements, you can protect your soft tissues and joints and enhance your flexibility, mobility, and endurance.

Let's take a closer look at how taking collagen supplements can benefit triathletes.

Collagen supports tissue and joint health

Collagen is the protein that holds up nearly everything in your body, from your skin and ligaments to your muscles and bones. When it is in abundance, it helps your body absorb the repetitive microtraumas of triathlon training. In a nutshell, it cushions your tissues and joints so you can train harder and longer.

Collagen prevents injury and boosts recovery

Triathlon training puts a lot of pressure on muscles, tendons, and the tissues around the foot joints. If you are training for Iron Man, your body needs to sustain this pressure and not burn out. Combining a healthy diet with collagen supplements for recovery and performance can help prevent unwanted pain and injuries and help you bounce back when you hurt your ankles, knees, or back.

Supporting all-round performance

If you are training for an intense sport like a triathlon, you need a powerful work ethic and at least eight hours of consistent sleep. You have to show up every day for training, and you have to give your body the rest it needs to restore and rebuild. Collagen is a multifunctional powerhouse that improves mood, boosts productivity, and promotes restful sleep. With the right attitude and the proper supplementation, you can train more effectively and enjoy every bit of the process.

Train through the years

Older triathletes lose about 1.5 per cent of collagen every year. Collagen is a structural scaffold, so the more it breaks down, the more you are susceptible to pain and injury. Taking premium supplements like Informed Sport-certified Kollo every day not only helps prevent the joint inflammation and pain that comes with age, but it also builds resilience and gives your body the extra support it needs to power through the 16 or 17 hours it takes to complete the Ironman race.

Browse our range of high-quality collagen supplements today to make sure that your body is prepared to take on any challenge.

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