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Winter Supplements

by Olivia Coleman

Why Kollo is a great winter supplement

The winter months can be hard on our skin, our joints and the rest of our bodies. Those cooler temperatures often dry out our skin, leading to chapped lips and cheeks. What's more, the cooler temperatures can make any stiffness in our joints much worse. Through these bleak months, we look for things we can do to keep skin hydrated, ease the stiffness of our joints and generally protect our bodies against the ravages of winter. Kollo is a great winter supplement to help with this.

The unique blend of collagen, vitamin C and a combination of healthy B vitamins offer many benefits that target the woes of winter on our bodies. By taking a daily dose of Kollo, you could:

  • Sleep better

  • Feel more energised in the day

  • Hydrate your skin

  • Ease the inflammation that causes stiff joints

It’s a delicious elixir to add to a glass of water every morning and it just might be the solution to your seasonal affective disorder.

Add collagen into your diet with a great winter supplement

There are so many products out there that claim to look after your skin, hair, joints, energy levels and more through the winter. But how many of them truly do help, and how many can you find that offer benefits for all those things at once? You need to look at the science to see how products back up those claims. The ingredients of Kollo have research-backed advantages that could help with your health and beauty concerns throughout the winter season.

That all-important collagen

Collagen is the main component of the extracellular matrix. This is a sophisticated network of molecules like proteins that surround cells and tissues. They support them and provide structure. One such tissue is our skin. Skin physiology depends on the extracellular matrix for structure and enabling essential function. With an abundance of collagen, skin can retain more moisture. This supports smooth, firm and resilient skin, and the collagen peptides in Kollo trigger increased collagen production in your body. Long story short: a collagen supplement will enable your skin to retain moisture better. It will also deliver more elasticity and firmness to resist the dryness that comes with the cold.

Those tissues also include the tendons, ligaments and cartilage in and around joints. When collagen levels are low, these tissues weaken and become damaged, and the cold causes any resulting inflammation to be even worse. As such, collagen has natural anti-inflammatory properties for these tissues. It helps reduce swelling in our joints to make them more supple and remove stiffness and pain. This is helpful for everyone when the cold sets in, but particularly those of us who suffer from arthritis and similar conditions. These issues can cause quite severe discomfort when the temperatures drop.

Vitamin C

We put your full daily allowance of vitamin C in every sachet of Kollo, and this can be really helpful in the winter months. Vitamin C is actually one of the most important nutrients for the winter, primarily because of how it strengthens the immune system. You will want to prepare to fight off those nasty viruses that gain real traction when temperatures are lower. But it also helps with things like:

  • Maintaining bone health

  • Detoxifying the body

  • Nourishing the skin

  • Accelerating healing throughout the body

Kollo is a fantastic source of daily vitamin C, which is part of why it is such a great winter supplement. But we would also encourage you to seek the vitamin in your diet as well. Be mindful that seasonal vegetables in the winter are not the most abundant in it.

The major sources of vitamin C include:
  • Potatoes

  • Dark leafy vegetables

  • Peppers

  • Tomatoes

  • Kiwi

  • Citrus fruits

  • Cranberries

  • Strawberries

  • Broccoli

For people who choose to eat seasonal produce, the vitamin C sources are quite limited. Eat what you can to get it naturally in your diet. But supplement with Kollo for a reliable way to ensure you are getting your recommended daily allowance.

Vitamin B12

Another key winter nutrient is vitamin B12, which we supply in your daily Kollo sachet. Vitamin B12 helps your body convert food into glucose, which is an important energy source. If your vitamin B12 levels get low, you may feel fatigued and run down – something that is all too common in the winter.

Vitamin B12 is also an essential component of immune function. It increases the rate at which your white blood cells tackle illnesses and infections. This helps you nip them in the bud rather than allowing colds and flu to take hold. What’s more, it can help people who are often stricken by seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.). A lack of vitamin B12 has been linked to issues with depression and anxiety. Getting a regular dose of B12 from Kollo may help beat those winter blues.

How do collagen supplements work?

As you can see from the previous section, there are lots of things in Kollo that make it a great winter supplement. But it is the collagen peptides that are the primary ingredient. These are small amino acid chains derived from pure collagen extracted from the skin and scales of fish. Certain amino acids are vital for the body’s natural synthesis of collagen, but it is difficult to get all of them from our diet alone. This is because collagen is mostly found in the parts of animals we don’t eat (bones, skin, tendons, ligaments and cartilage).

The collagen levels in our body, and our natural processes for creating collagen, decrease as we get older. Supplements are a great way to slow this decline. To clarify: they supply the all-important nutrients that fuel natural collagen production.

Kollo provides 10 grams of high-grade marine collagen. It is extracted using chemical-free techniques from fish reared in a sustainable aquaculture fish farm. This high-purity collagen is then broken down into collagen peptides using a technique called hydrolysis. These consist of smaller molecules that can be easily absorbed by our digestive system. Delivered in a liquid form, your body will not have to break anything down to access those nutrients. Thus, the collagen peptides can enter the bloodstream very quickly to trigger the synthesis of brand new collagen for your body.

Are topical collagen products any good?

They can deliver some benefits to your skin. But topical creams, balms and shampoos are not able to have any meaningful impact on collagen levels in your body. This is because the molecules of collagen, and even collagen peptides, are far too large to penetrate the skin. Some of the other moisturising components of the topical products may penetrate the skin. But any collagen component would simply sit on the surface and have no effect on the collagen inside your body.

This is why supplements like Kollo are the answer if you want to experience the full benefits of boosting your collagen levels. They will help you get amino acids and all the other nutrients where they need to be.

Look no further for that great winter supplement

With a Kollo subscription, you never need to worry about running out of your daily supplement. It comes in an elegant box of gorgeous little sachets full of the liquid supplement. With its collagen peptides, carefully-selected complementary ingredients and natural fruity flavourings, it will deliver all that goodness for the winter months and taste great doing it!

The sachets simply tear open and you add the contents to your glass of water or straight from the sachet. It’s that simple, so you will have no problem incorporating it into your daily routine. And the box is completely recyclable when you finish, so we keep waste to a minimum.

That great winter supplement you are after is right at your fingertips. It is ready to provide all that nourishment to keep you looking and feeling great through the winter. If you want to learn more, please feel free to visit our blog or get in touch to ask our team about Kollo – we’d love to hear from you!

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